Greater Works

shall YOU do...

John 14:12

They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

Mark 16:18

Every believer has the call of God on their life.

Greater Works

Every believer has a call of God on their life.

Every Christian can make a difference by bringing Jesus to those around them.

What is the Greater Works campaign?


We’re taking every opportunity and doing whatever it takes to share the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ with our world.


We’re getting Bible-based resources to pastors in underdeveloped nations. It’s estimated that 62-85% of pastors and ministry leaders worldwide have never had formal Bible or ministry training.


We’re equipping every believer—that’s YOU—to reach out with anointing and power to your family, loved ones, friends, co-workers.

What is the Greater Works?

Jesus is coming soon! We have to get His Word out to as many as we can. There are no limits to where God’s saving, healing, delivering power can go…who it can reach…and what it can do! All things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26).—Coming in 2017

As a donor in this Greater Works campaign, you will have exclusive online access to the full range of ministry training resources from the Oral Roberts Ministries, all packed with powerful insights, scriptural truths, and practical Bible techniques to help YOU walk in all the fullness of what God has for you in these last days. We believe God has great plans for YOUR future and you, too, can do the Greater Works of Jesus Christ.


APRIL 2017 — Greater Works Vision Successful in First Outreach!

In March 2017, Richard Roberts traveled to the Potter’s City, Ghana, West Africa, to conduct the first-ever Greater Works Vision Outreach. We partnered with a great ministry in Ghana, headed by Prophet Nanasei Opoku-Sarkodie, and together we brought 300 rural pastors together for three intensive days of teaching, ministry and prayer. During this special time, these Ghanaian pastors also received gifts of new clothing, motorbikes for transportation as needed, and a Greater Works Tablet to help them be better pastors to their local villages.

These pastors don’t have regular access to the Internet and are in great need of Biblical resources. Most of them have never received formal ministry training, but their hearts are hungry to serve the Lord with reverence and power. The Greater Works Tablets — which are designed to work without any Internet service — give these precious men and women of God access to more than 18,000 pages and over 250 hours of the Roberts family’s teaching and Bible resources.

Each of these pastors also gained wisdom from Richard as he taught them for three days on the Biblical principles that God has imparted into his life — healing, sowing and reaping, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Richard also prayed over each of them, anointing them with oil and separating them into the ministry to which God has called them.

The ministers conference and Greater Works Tablets were provided at no cost to the pastors, and funded by donations received from Partners and friends of the Oral Roberts Ministries from around the world.

And Ghana is only the beginning! We already have plans this September to conduct a ministers conference and distribute tablets to pastors of the hard-to-reach, isolated area of Iqaluit and the most northern reaches of Canada, where it is difficult to get consistent Internet service and where God’s healing power is desperately needed.

Also, the translation of the Roberts family resources into Telugu, a language that is spoken by 75–100 million people in India, is continuing rapidly. Local Indian pastors who are translating our resources are already using what they are learning to minister to those who need healing and deliverance, and we trust God that His power will grow in India as the Greater Works Tablets can be distributed to rural pastors there in the future.

Your donations to the Greater Works Outreach make it all possible! Thank you!

Benefits of BOTH Tablet & website

  • 100s of digital books and booklets
  • Audio and video, podcasts, and other teaching tools
  • The entire offering of courses from the School of Miracles
  • Bible commentaries from Oral and Richard Roberts
  • Devotional materials including faith building testimonies of healing and deliverance
  • Sermon notes from Oral, Evelyn, Richard and Lindsay Roberts
  • 60+ years of teaching articles

Reach 75% of the World!

We will launch our English version of the Greater Works Tablet in 2016. With your continuing support, we can reach over 75% of the world’s population by translating these resources into the world’s top 11 languages!


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